Using plant microRNA as a valid alternative to traditional medicine to treat common diseases with a higher economic impact. Our focus is on microRNAs from tropical and Mediterranean environment, with specific interest in Moringa oleifera Lam. and Olea europea, two well-known prototypes for their medicinal properties.

On our Planet, more than 70% of the population (7 billions) treat their self with medicinal plants traditionally used in their culture and environment. In western countries, most people consider the best use for medicinal plants is for conditions that are not serious and where lack of effectiveness will have no serious consequence.  This widely established opinion is mainly justified since in place of comprehensive clinical testing herbal remedies usually rely on traditional knowledge. But that traditional knowledge comes with comprehensive information, that is not easily accessed in our modern world, including optimal dose, species (or population), time of harvesting and target population.

MirNat’s mission is to bridge this gap through a scientific approach that uses extensive in vitro and in vivo studies for assessment of safety and efficacy in the way new medicines (drugs) are tested. In addition, for the first time, bioinformatics approach is used to focus the research attention to those illnesses where therapy microRNA has already achieved excellent results, in which plants containing specific miRNAs could represent a valuable nutritional support for prevention and treatment. More importantly, bioinformatics provides a precious tool for identification of potential molecular mechanisms underlying genetic cross-kingdom regulation, which are subsequently explored using traditional molecular approaches.

Our philosophy: "natura e architettura"

To design a product which can fine-tune the well-being of a man, beyond simply incorporating nutritional principles deficient in the diet. This product can be compared to the process of building of a beautiful home: While an engineer has a role to build a house from its basic components, the architect (intended as an interior-designer) is meant to embellish it, to make it a home – enjoyable according to the taste of each individual. Our made in Italy products perform a kind of an interior-design action on a molecular level: enabling organism to express the maximum of it’s capacities and help a man live in harmony with Nature.

For centuries man has sought to integrate himself into the nature solely because he gains vigor from the Nature. microRNA obtained from plants are natural molecules to boost the inner beauty that is reflected in an improvement of human health. Because beauty is a representation of health and genetic viability. The various illnesses that have influenced the man in this last century are actually derived from a dysregulation of the endogenous microRNA; an integration with natural external/exogenous miRNAs from the plants can enable man to re-equilibrate himself with Nature in order to prevent the occurrence of the most common diseases.

Area of interest

MirNat is dedicated to development of industrial prototypes derived from basic scientific research on plant microRNAs by using “soft” (bioinformatics programs), “hard” (pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals) and “friendly” (nutritional and cosmetic) approaches.

Through our team of researchers, MirNat has developed, by an initial bioinformatics work, a series of smart foods with high content of plant microRNA currently under evaluation of the nutraceutical potential in murine model and subsequently human clinical trials phase.

In addition, MirNat aims to increase bio-agricultural certified production of Moringa oleifera in developing tropical countries, such as Cameroon where Moringa oleifera is known as ‘the miracle tree’ used for nutritional purposes as well as treating many diseases. For Olea europaea, we are developing the best condition to have the enriched presence of the “identified” microRNA.